This one time.. when I was wrong.

I’m not saying that I’m one to hold a grudge…. Okay.. you can stop laughing now. I mean, I guess I do have some strong reactions when I feel like someone has wronged me or been mean to me. Sometimes it takes me years to get over things.

Back in the late 90’s I was living in the San Francisco Bay area and I heard about this nifty group that did historical recreational type stuff. The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). Costuming? (aka Garb) Historical research? Hot guys in armor sword fighting? It sounded EXACTLY like something I would love. And then I went to a couple of meet ups. And the folks that I interacted with at that time… well.. they weren’t very nice to me.

They thought I should commit 100% to the game and immediately create a persona and do a bunch of actual research and sew garb and and and.. it suddenly felt very overwhelming instead of fun. I tried to talk to the group about it and told them I just wanted something fun to dabble in on my weekends. And they were mean to me because I didn’t want to immediately be “period correct.”

So I left and never went back. Never even attended an SCA event. Until this last weekend when I vended at the Embers and Ambrosia event in Bonney Lake. I was REALLY nervous that my booth wouldn’t be good enough, that my garb wouldn’t be good enough, that people would be offended that I wasn’t “period” enough. I was so very wrong. It was an amazingly beautiful day. EVERYONE was so nice. So very nice. People welcomed me, they made sure I had everything I needed, they checked in constantly to see if I had any questions. Someone brought me ice for my water, and when I mentioned that I hadn’t packed enough protein for the day, barbecue chicken magically appeared in front of me.

I can’t even count the number of times I was invited to participate in other events or the compliments I received on my functional art pottery and my booth set up. Wow. AND then folks bought my pottery. It was my personal best ever single day of sales. I had an amazing day.

I don’t know all the lingo or the breakdown of who/what/where.. I’m pretty sure this is the Kingdom of Antir.. and I think it’s a Barony something that sponsored that event. They did such an awesome job!

Gratitude: To my friends who kept inviting me to come participate in SCA events even when I was less-than-enthusiastic, to all the folks responsible for making Embers and Ambrosia such an awesome first time event for me, to the people who admired and bought my functional art work, and to my amazing boyfriend who supports my need to MAKE ALL THE THINGS and spend weekends away from home vending.