From firing Tesla to fire spinning

I took a Greek Tesla out of the kiln this afternoon.  No wait!  It makes sense!  I’ve been working on different versions of my antique Greek pottery inspired functional ware for a few years now.  My latest obsession is alternatives on the tankard (circa 750-725 B.C.) I found on the Christie’s auction website HERE.

For my first test of the tankard design I just added a quick loose geometric pattern.

First test of the antique Greek tankard inspired vessel

That was okay.. but a little boring and I don’t like boring pottery.  What if.. What if I added an image of Nikola Tesla to the vessels?  How cool would that be?  A “mash-up” of antique Greek pottery design and a visual of the “archetypal mad scientist”!  Yes!  This needed to happen!








While I waited for the kiln to cool enough for me to open it and see how the Greek Tesla tankards turned out I killed time trying to decide what my next new hobby should be.  I like to learn things, and I’m always looking for fun ways to stay active.  Hey!  I know!  I have a lot of friends who do fire spinning; and I live in the country so there’s lots of space; and I could practice (with non-flaming spinning things) whenever I’m waiting for my kiln to cool.  Fire spinning.  Why not?

And that’s how I ended the afternoon with four test Tesla’s and a pair of stripy practice poi.

Tesla on a Tankard



It all made sense in my brain.








Stripped practice poi I made this afternoon