of glazing

When I was in school studying ceramics I did an entire year long focus on glaze chemistry. Weighing and mixing and experimenting with all sorts of random chemical compounds. It was a lot of fun, but then I did have the schools fully equipped glazing lab to play in.... read more

Working as a working artist

*sigh* It’s 5:15pm and even though I’ve been working all afternoon I still feel like I haven’t accomplished much of anything. I’ve been plugging away at getting information entered onto my website, finding links for many of my artist friends,... read more

The ecstasy and the explosions

I offloaded the bisque ware from the kiln this morning.  Most of it turned out wonderfully.  I did have one cup that exploded and the tiny shards of that hit a couple of the Greek inspired pieces that were going through their glaze firing and attached themselves to... read more

The waiting game

My kiln is set to high and I have about 4 more hours before it finishes bisque firing then another 12 hours before I can open and offload my pottery.  This waiting game is always the second hardest for me.  Hardest is waiting on a glaze firing.  At least for bisque I... read more