This one time.. when I was wrong.

I’m not saying that I’m one to hold a grudge…. Okay.. you can stop laughing now. I mean, I guess I do have some strong reactions when I feel like someone has wronged me or been mean to me. Sometimes it takes me years to get over things. Back in the... read more

What Memorial Day means to me

I’m going to cut and paste from some old posts because “I can’t brain at the moment” and I’m already dealing with fighting off my annual Memorial Day-depression/crash. From 2011:  TRIGGER WARNING:  This is pretty soul baring and if you... read more
From firing Tesla to fire spinning

From firing Tesla to fire spinning

I took a Greek Tesla out of the kiln this afternoon.  No wait!  It makes sense!  I’ve been working on different versions of my antique Greek pottery inspired functional ware for a few years now.  My latest obsession is alternatives on the tankard (circa 750-725... read more

Co-creating my life in intentional ways

My (SidhefireArts) website started out as just an online space to share my art work.  A few months ago I decided I wanted to start transitioning it to include other bits and pieces of my life and thoughts as well.  “Life as art.”  Well, and a better space... read more

My ongoing obsession with Greek Pottery

This?  This is an exercise in patience for me.  I have an pervasive fascination with historical pottery.  In particular, I absolutely adore the classic Greek vessels primarily used for wine.  As an artist and a potter I am inspired and one might say almost driven to... read more

Steampunk cups finished

It’s almost like Christmas morning when I have new work in a slowly cooling kiln.  There is waiting and hoping and a whole lot of impatient fretting (“is it time yet?  how about now?”).  The two temperatures to remember are 450 degrees and 300... read more

My creative process (Steampunk prototype cups design #1)

I am a bad blogging-artist.  Well, maybe a decent artist, but a bad blogger?  I’d much rather be in the studio CREATING and with my hands in the clay, then trying to remember how to work my blog interface.  My goal for this summer is to actually start using my... read more

Testing new glazes is a real pain sometimes

Well damn.  I was so excited about the ease of application for the new dipped glazes I tried in this load of stuff.  At first peek into the kiln, it looks like 3 of the new glazes did fine.. but the one I was super excited about (it’s supposed to be a deep... read more