Testing new glazes is a real pain sometimes

Well damn.  I was so excited about the ease of application for the new dipped glazes I tried in this load of stuff.  At first peek into the kiln, it looks like 3 of the new glazes did fine.. but the one I was super excited about (it’s supposed to be a deep purplish color) left big spots of white on my pottery.


The kiln is still too hot to start taking things out of yet, so I don’t know what the rest of the pottery hidden under the layers of shelving looks like… We’ll see how I feel about the rest of these glazes after I can actually take pieces out and get a good look at them… and I do have a plan for trying to fix the blotchy purple.. but it will require me to re-glaze and re-fire the pieces I’m not happy with.

First firing with new glazes