The ecstasy and the explosions

I offloaded the bisque ware from the kiln this morning.  Most of it turned out wonderfully.  I did have one cup that exploded and the tiny shards of that hit a couple of the Greek inspired pieces that were going through their glaze firing and attached themselves to the glaze.  Very sad.  I pouted like a little kid and stomped my foot when I saw the broken pieces scattered all over the inside of the kiln.  Oh well, it’s all part of the experience of making pottery.

We’re really pleased so far with the Greek inspired work that Russ and I have been collaborating on.  We’re keeping the standard piece designs fairly simple so we can keep the prices reasonable.  The fancy reproduction designs take hours and hours of work and we just really can’t charge what we would need to in most cases to make it worth our while to make those.

Tomorrow I’ll start glazing the rest of the bisque ware and then hopefully be able to do a glaze firing on Tuesday and start listing stuff up for sale on my ArtFire sales page on June 1st as scheduled.  It’s been an interesting experience trying to actually keep myself focused and on track to meet a stated production schedule.  Hopefully that will get easier as time goes on.